Nana Uchida

I never knew what Osteopathy was, my friend has introduced me to Yoko, but it has been the best experience.

Yoko takes the time to listen to where I’m experiencing pain and then carefully explains the treatment plan.

Her explanations are so thorough and easy to understand and each time I leave there knowing more about my body and where/how the pain might be originating from.

Over time, I have been treated for several issues and each time I leave there feeling refreshed. Getting treatment from Yoko isn’t a temporary relief, but it really is a change and improvement in your body that lasts a long time. Can’t recommend her enough!

Stefan Hofer

Since several years Yoko supported me in different sports related issues and problems! She is very skilled and acts very thoughtful to find the root cause of the problems, rather than just treating symptoms!

She takes also the time it needs to solve your issue. I can only recommend her as an osteopath! Make sure you plan your treatment well in advance and make a reservation online! Her office is about 5 walking minutes from Yoyogi station, so very easy to access!

Every time I thought an injury will take forever to go away Yoko takes care about it with her magic hands and solves my issues!

Anne-Line Berg

Yoko Kondo is a very professional and skilled osteopath. She has helped me, my family and friends with several issues like back and knee problems, digestion, stress relieve etc.

She is calm and makes you feel at ease with her knowledge about the body as a whole. She is great at explaining why the pain/problem is there and how to fix it.

The clinic is situated close to Yoyogi station and the atmosphere in the clinic is relaxing and everything is clean and fresh.

I highly recommend Yoko Kondo to everybody, either with acute pain or for general stress relief and preventive treatment to keep the body working at its best.

Jimmy Chu

Yoko’s treatment works!My spine and left ankle’s issue improved so much after she realigned them effortlessly and painlessly.

She is very patient with questions and always willing explains the treatment clearly so you can expect what will happens next.

After each session, especially the first one, I really felt the tension released, and quickly felt a sleep that night allowing my body to recover.
I highly recommend Yoko’s Osteopathy.

Elin Sandberg

Yoko Kondo is very skilled and has a unique technique to fix different areas in the body. I’ve had problems with both hips, knees, back, head, and every time I’ve seen her I’m amazed how aligned my body feels.
I can highly recommend for any injuries or for general pre-hab.

Anna Jung

After 10 years of struggling with back pain and a long list of Doctors, Physios and Osteopaths visited, I finally found Yoko who within 3 sessions got me pain free and able to exercise properly again. Can highly recommend her!!!

Aleinad Zoyah

I originally had osteopathic treatment with Ms Yoko Kono because of a heel spur (plantar fasciitis).

Ms Kono is an authentic, empathic, very competent and very alert therapist who has understood that a trusting relationship between client and therapist is needed above all for a sustainable therapy.

Before, I had already tried a lot of things to bring about improvement. Ms Kono took a lot of time for a thorough anamnesis and explained to me in detail how the pain develops and what I can do myself to remedy it. Her treatments are characterised by attentiveness and kindness.

The results were noticeable relatively quickly. The complaints could be alleviated or even eliminated for the most part. In the meantime, I am regularly treated by Ms Kono. and can warmly recommend Ms Kono.

Andrea Koeppel Nkoo

The atmosphere during the osteopathy session is calm and relaxing. Yoko is a kind and strong person.

She explains her work well and knows how to make people feel at ease during the osteopathy session.

I highly recommend her, if you want to feel better and improve your health consciousness.


I saw Yoko the first when I was 5 months pregnant because I had very bad gastric reflux (a recurring thing in pregnancy), in just one session nothing left I was on top again! She had explained to me at that time that indeed all my digestive organs had gone up and had not necessarily taken a good place.
Then I went to see her at 9 months pregnant because baby didn’t want to come out and I had a lot of pain in the pelvis, she explained to me that there was no room for the baby to finally go down ( I wanted to avoid a caesarean), 2 days after the boom contractions session, 3 days after the baby was born ^^

After the birth, the baby cried as soon as it was put down, so I went to see her and in 3 sessions no more crying, I had a happy and peaceful newborn… so a relieved mom!

I went to see her a few days ago because I resumed sport and I had pain in my back and around my cesarean section scar. She explained to me quite a few organs of the digestive system were inflamed or irritated. Since then everything has been fine! I’m going back to see her on Monday to really work in depth and after that I’m sure I’ll come back in 1 years just for a check up because thanks to her help my body can be strong and resistant (I love you my body)!

She is great with children and babies and is very attentive to patients. If something is painful never hesitate to tell her!

In addition to being a great osteopath, talking with her is a pleasure. A smart and sweet woman. Thanks Yoko!

Andrea S.

I always had issues with my back and Yoko San was recommended by a friend so that was the reason I startet the treatment. And what should I say?

She found out by asking a lot of questions and by feeling / touching that area why I had pain and we are working on it and it is already so much better. Never had this progress before. I also have some shoulder and knee issues and her treatment helps me getting better mobility and less pain.

I highly recommend her – not only for pain relief but also for relaxation.

Olivier N

I’ve visited the Therapist Kondo Yoko Sensei for my first time more than one month ago. It was my first experience with Osteopathy.For more than 8 months due to sport injuries and intensive trainings, I’ve been suffering of sciatica (Sciatic nerve right leg)Before visiting Kondo Sensei I went to hospitals, sekotsuin’s place (massage sessions ) / did acupuncture. Despite all of these the pain was constantly there.

However after having my first session with Kondo Sensei, i could feel the difference also few days after my first consultation the pain has been drastically reduced.Yesterday (4/3) it was my second session.Sure thing , my recovery will take time but i m feeling much better thanks to HER.

After this long period to manage this daily ‘’PAIN’’ and just getting painkiller from hospital, It was really nice to have someone who have taken time to listen to me, to understand my issue (by keeping relevant all shared informations such as: previous injuries/ type of sports that I’m practicing/etc… ) and with a good medical/ therapeutic approach.Big plus, Her communication skill. She tends to explain the possible cause of the problem then from that she explains what she’s gonna do (handling process). She does speak fluently French/ English (Japanese Native).

I highly recommended Kondo sensei. Especially if you have being struggling like me to heal from this kind of injure then you couldn’t find/ get any right treatments.

Adriana Lehr

Yoko-san is an amazing osteopath. Very professional and finds the root cause of problems and heals them instantly. Symptoms that I had for years are gone. It is a very calm and relaxing atmosphere. I can highly recommend Yoko-san.

Györgyi Braun

I saw Yoko because of my lower back and neck pain. She could help me with both problems. She is very thoughtful and empathetic. I

Gildas Loaec

I got lucky in my move to Tokyo to meet Kondo San .
Having some real muscles tensions since a car accident a while back ..
I m receiving the best treatment from Kondo San at each of my visit as well the greatest advices for my day to day selfcare .