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What is Osteopathy ?

Osteopathy is a manual therapy used to prevent and treat problems of the human body.


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What problems can osteopathy treat ?

  • Osteopathic treatment of the lower body
  • Osteopathic treatment of the upper body
  • Osteopathic treatment of hands and fingers

Osteopathy can help relieve a great number of functional problems. It is also beneficial in treating the symptoms of an illness as a complement to surgery or prescription drug medication.

The following is a partial list of osteopathy’s numerous applications:

The muscular-skeletal system:

Stiffness, discomfort, acute or chronic lumbar, thoracic or cervical pain of the upper or lower extremities, etc.

The digestive system:

Abdominal pain, constipation, diarrhea, bloating, gastric-esophageal reflux, nausea, etc.

The nervous system:

Headaches, cervical-brachial neuralgia, sciatica, cruralgia, also stress, anxiety, sleep problems, etc.

The cardiovascular system:

Headaches or migraines, feelings of oppression, palpitations, poor blood circulation, etc.

The upper respiratory system and ENT:

Sinusitis, rhinitis, chronic ear infections, respiratory problems, etc.

The genital and urinary system:

Urinary tract dysfunctions, gynecological issues such as painful or irregular periods, preparation for birth, symptoms related to pregnancy, etc.

Osteopathy, who is it for ?


Yoko KONDO Osteopath D.O.

I graduated with a diploma in osteopathy from the CSO in Paris, France (5 years of study at Conservatoire Supérieur d’Ostéopathie de Paris).
I am certified by the European School of Osteopathy in Maidstone, England.
I am also a member of the SFDO (Syndicat Français des Osteopathes).

After working as an osteopath in Paris, I am happy to welcome you to my Tokyo office today.
I give treatments to patients of a wide variety of nationalities.
The consultation will be in English, French or Japanese.

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